Sonya Lorelle
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Easy to Love

This album features Sonya's favorite jazz standards including a sultry version of "Autumn Leaves" that includes a solo from a Macedonian clarinet player and "My Funny Valentine" which has a bossa nova flair. Her original songs continue to span the continuum of playful tunes, such as the gypsy jazz inspired "Drinking Alone," to expressive ballads such as the song about the struggles of forgiving in "Wait for Grace."

The Life You Wanted

A full band backs up Sonya in this jazzy release. This album is flirty, sultry and at times funky. Songs range from "Kiss Me Tonight" which is about an impending first kiss to "Be the One," an R&B love song, to the swing tune, "Limbo."

Independent Woman

An intimate recording of just piano and vocals. "The songs themselves have a surprising emotional range and depth for one so young. From Independent Woman, the title song about a young woman hitting her stride and striking out on her own, to a great bluesy bossa nova called Beauty of It All, to torch songs like There's Something, and Better Days, a song about old age written with truth and delivered with love. The songs, both in concept and delivery are of consistently high quality as is her piano playing. This CD is a treat!" Reviewer: Renee Wood